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    Mit Essen spielt man nicht (You do not play with food) mandated particular research, as I experimented with new and uncommon print ingredients. At the start of this process, I printed a wide range of different ingredients to figure out which produces exciting print results. The outcomes were often astonishing as the various types of food reacted completely different than initially imagined. I then widened my research scope and decided after many print tests to use seven different types of food that I would, later on, print with two different visuals. As all of my ingredients were natural, each outcome of the 84 visuals is unique and moreover allowed me to experience screen printing as well as become familiar with color and texture research.

    Concept: Rahel Oberhummer
    Design: Rahel Oberhummer
    Printing: Screen printing
    Ingredients: Raspberry, Egg
    Spinach, Mustard, Tumeric
    Coffee, Red Cabbage

    with guidance from Abourousse Myriam
    and Wagnières Nicolas