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    The “Orchestre de la Suisse Romande” and the Art and Design School “HEAD Geneva” partnered up to create a remarkable experience at the historic and renowned concert auditorium Victoria Hall in Geneva. Together with 3 classmates and in collaboration with Florian Pittet (SIGMASIX) and Camille Dedieu, we realized a mapping to emphasize a different vision on the composition of Béla Bartók’s “Concerto for Orchestra”. To create the visuals we used different tools such as Macro Filming, After Effect and Cinema 4D.

    The “Concerto for Orchestra” is divided into 5 movements and lasts 40 minutes. To emphasize the differences between the 5 movements we designed a special visual universe and corresponding colors for each of the 5 movements. This project was an incredible opportunity and enabled us to create an exciting artistic experience and a unique exploration of the relation between music and visual.

    Concept + Design:
    Adeline Casagranda
    Louise Daubin
    Rahel Oberhummer
    Elisabeth Rubattel

    In collaboration with:
    Florian Pittet (SIGMASIX)
    Camille Dedieu