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    500% is the size of this garment compared
    to an average European size 36

    500% of the manufacturing price is what
    we pay retailers for a piece of clothes

    500% a spatial portrayal of the time
    it takes to make a garment

    We have created a shirt 500% the size of an average European size 36 and dyed it gradually blue, to symbolize the timespan of making a garment. With the shirt, we have built a defined space enclosing spectators and giving a spatial and visual perception of time.

    Our mission with the project is to create awareness about the work that lies behind the manufacturing of a garment and thereby shows it’s true value. To challenge the general perception of value, by introducing a different measurement than money: time.

    By filling the collar of our 500% garment with Remazol dye powder and pouring water on it, we created a gradient, slowly-evolving dying process to resemble the time-consuming process that is creating a garment. The raw musselin material represents the manufacturing process and the transition of color from musselin yellowish to bright blue reflects the transition from raw, unfinished material to a ready-to-wear garment.

    Showing the unedited documentation of the dye experiment in both a provokingly stagnated real-time and in an upspeeded version, we wish to express the paradox of the time balance in the fast fashion industry.

    Concept + Design:
    Martina Hindberg Enevold
    Mette Jacobsen
    Rahel Oberhummer
    Sana Katoh