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    740 pages about humankind and its eagerness to be part of a group. The incredible force a united crowd can have and the headgear as the tool to celebrate our affiliation. The book starts at the very beginning of life on earth – with a single cell, out of which all too soon vivid masses start to flourish. At first, those crowds are nude but over the time they start covering themselves with clothes of their distinct community, whereas the headgear plays a crucial role. To put the focus on the desires of mankind and the impact human gatherings can have the picture series are accompanied by extracts of the compelling book “Masse und Macht” (in Englisch “Crowds and Power”) from Elias Canetti.

    Concept: Rahel Oberhummer
    Design: Rahel Oberhummer
    Printing: Lulu.com
    Paper: Offset
    Typefaces: LT Franklin Gothic Compressed Demi, Medium

    with guidance from Demian Conrad