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    The edition consisting of 5 thin booklets pays tribute to the work of the French-speaking Belgian poet Esther Granek. To create the edition, I decided to use the technique of manual typesetting and to experiment with different approaches such as blind embossing and overprinting. It is a very personal approach and in my opinion, Jean-Louis Curtis describes the work of Esther Granek perfectly with the following words: “Finally, again, poems that seduce at first reading, that sing to the ear and the heart!”

    Concept: Rahel Oberhummer
    Design: Rahel Oberhummer
    Printing: Letterpress FAG Swiss proof 52
    Text: Manual typesetting
    Paper: Munken Rough
    Typefaces: Garamond roman, Helvetica heavy

    with guidance from Pierre-Alain Giesser